The Lychee Martini

The Lychee Martini



  • The Ratio Presents...The Lychee Martini

    The Lychee Martini is an oriental twist on the classic vodka martini. The sharpness of the vodka is tempered by the soft, floral notes brought by the lychee liqueur. It is the simplicity of the ingredients which makes this drink so perfect - short, strong and fragrant.


    You don't need to do anything...just pour chilled into a glass. We like to garnish it with a lychee.


    This bottle contains:

    • 500ml 
    • 5 servings
    • 24% alc.


  • The History of the Lychee Martini

    It is said that this fusion of the South-East Asian lychee fruit with the British agent, James Bond's favourite drink was first attempted in a Korean nightclub in New York in the 90s. However, many mixologists have fought to claim ownership of this great drink...understandably so. While we don't make any claim to have invented this drink, we do think we have mastered it.

"Tasted the Drunken Chai and the Lychee Martini yesterday and wow they are amazing, will be placing orders..."         

Marie, Liverpool

"This is the company that makes the amazing espresso martinis..."