The Drunken Chai

The Drunken Chai



  • The Ratio Presents...The Drunken Chai

    The Drunken Chai is our take on an iced chai tea. The rum and the chai combine to give this drink a spicy yet mellow flavour with notes of cardamom, ginger and cinammon. This is balanced against the fresh citrus flavour brought by the lemons to leave a drink that is both warming in the winter but also refreshing in the summer.


    All you need to do is pour over ice and serve with a slice of lemon.


    The bottle contains:

    • 500ml
    • 2-3 servings 
    • 10% alc.
  • The History of the Drunken Chai

    First assembled in a kitchen in Clapham, London in 2018, this is the youngest of our collection. Inspired by the need to create an alcoholic version of "Divination Tea" for a Harry Potter themed cocktail party, the Drunken Chai was born.  An immediate hit with all our guests, this drink has become a quintessential part of every "Ratio" cocktail party since. 

"Tasted the Drunken Chai and the Lychee Martini yesterday and wow they are amazing, will be placing orders..."         

Marie, Liverpool

"This is the company that makes the amazing espresso martinis..."